I love this months’ title, don’t you? Only the theme, heritage scrapbooking, is not really my thing. I have been lurking in the blogtrain forum, watching everyone else’s progress and hoping for something to spark my creativity. Stared at heritage scrapbooking layouts on Pinterest and in our own Pixel Scrapper gallery for days. Even though I’ve seen lots of pretty things, something inside me just went ‘meh’ every time I wondered “could I incorporate this into my blogtrain part?”

I had already given up, playing with the thought to skip this train, when I went through my Pinterest boards one day to do a bit of ‘Spring cleaning’. Do you ever do that by the way? Go through your boards and move things around? I move stuff (mostly kids crafty stuff) to a special ‘done that’ board every once in a while, or chuck things off my board when I can’t remember what inspired me in the first place.

When I went through my Collage Inspiration Board I noticed I pin a lot of collages within the same color range. Suddenly I realized they are the same as the Yesteryear blogtrain color swatch! That’s it! Collages could work with a heritage theme, right? So I spent a very relaxing evening glueing ephemera down on paper and transformed them into scrapbooking papers. Having finally found inspiration, I even managed to make a small Elements kit, which will be available at Pixel Scrapper from June 2nd. The Collage Papers kit can also be found at Pixel Scrapper. Happy scrapping!


Elements kit, available at Pixel Scrapper:


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