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I missed Mother’s Day this year. And I don’t mean I missed out on my kids waking me up with kisses and pretty drawings. We decided to go on a last minute mini-trip and spent the weekend in a hotel, with the kids. We had a lovely┬áMother’s Day breakfast and… no dishes to wash afterwards! So no, I didn’t miss out on anything. But my mom did…

I guess I have been very pre-occupied with myself lately. Having a new job, trying to find a way to jam life and housework and scrapbook designing and art-journaling and taking the kids to school and sports and-and-and into the rest of my time. I really intended to ‘let go’ and try to totally relax on our little outing. And I did. And so did my brain. I just totally and utterly forgot my mom on Mother’s Day. She told me a week after.

Needless to say I am very much ashamed of myself. And to think that I created a small bundle with my mom in mind a few weeks before Mother’s Day! My mom and I love flowers and gardens (this month we will visit Monet’s Garden in Giverny – France, yay, so excited), so I wanted to do a lot of flower patterns. And hearts, obviously. Because even though I am frightfully forgetful, I do love my mummy! Anyway, I know Mother’s Day is long gone, but that doesn’t mean this bundle can’t be used anymore. My creative Team has done a wonderful job with it and I wanted to show them off. So brace yourself for lots of pictures, starting with some lovely layouts and ending with the previews to the actual ‘Love You’ Bundle. Enjoy! (and PS: I love you, mom!)

By Krissy:


By Erin:


By Danielle:


By Melanie:

love-you-forever-baby-layout-april-2016-challenge-everything-baby-girly-yellow-purple-pink-light love-you-sunshine-bear-layout-care-bear-family-daughters-girly-cute-yellow-purple-pink

The ‘Love You’ Bundle:

2016-04-21-Melo-LoveYou-BundlePREV 2016-04-21-Melo-LoveYou-EL 2016-04-21-Melo-LoveYou-PP

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