Scraplifting your own layouts

I’ve been struggling with this layout for years. I started out with a template (I don’t remember which one and since I was just starting out back then, I didn’t know I would want to save that info for later). My pictures were in color and I had a bright and bold word art in mind (‘Smile’, I also do not recall¬†the designer). I think I tried about every freebie paper I had in my stash, before I raised my hands in utter dispair and turned the pictures Black&White… I loved the B&W¬†pictures and the placement of them, but I just couldn’t find the right kit. I tried a gazillion before I ended up with two versions (please bear in mind this was my first year of scrapping…)


I never even finished these layouts with journaling and elements, I just didn’t like them at all. Which is a real shame, because now I don’t remember what I wanted to write down… Although I do still remember this moment and what I thought I captured with these pictures: my daughter in our backyard, totally carefree, content and happy.

Even though these pictures were taken on a hot summer day, once I started working on my ‘Autumn Day‘ Bundle I just knew it would be perfect for this layout! So I tried once more… I pretty much deleted everything on the old page, except for the pictures. And I added all my favorite pieces from the ‘Autumn Day’ Bundle (which is by the way my favorite creation so far!). In just minutes I ended up with this:


So what do you think? Did it improve or not? I would love to hear your opinion!


One thought on “Scraplifting your own layouts

  • October 20, 2015 at 18:23

    I actually like them all for different reasons. But I ma the bright loving’ girl these days and I really like the teal and orange one because the photos stand out really well but you can still see the scrapping stuff…that’s my dilemma…not to lose one to the other. I do love the fall layout equally as well though…have you tried a frame around a photo or two that you would want your eye to go to immediately? As an objective viewer there is a lot going on when you first see it…I’m thinking minimal frame like Anna A uses..ish?

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