Animals gone wild…

As I sort of hinted in the March Blogtrain post, I couldn’t stop myself from making more animals. I waited for a little bit, to see if specific animals would be desired more than others. But since you left hardly any requests (really guys? did you just not read the blogpost or do you really have no wish for a certain kind of animal?), I went ahead and made some myself.
And when I felt like a change, I went on to make papers and other elements. And before I knew it, I had a bundle! I split these bundles up in 2 x 3 kits, but they all match with each other. The reason I split them is because there will probably be more animals in the ‘Collages Bundle’ series (so start requesting!)… Another reason is, if you don’t really care about the cutouts of animals, you can still purchase the ‘normal’ scrapbook kit. Or vice versa of course…

Halfway through this bundle I realized these are pretty manly colors (oh, I do have to take a minute to apologize here: I did not adhere to the blogtrain’s color palette. Even though it was a HUGE palette, I felt I need more of a dark navy blue and the greens were too grassy for me, so I opted for an olive and turquoise instead. Although I personally think it still matches pretty well with the blogtrain parts.) Uhm, where was I? Lost my train of thought here… Oh right, manly! I had a few ideas for wordart scribbled down, but the ‘manly’ feel to the kit inspired a lot more male expressions than I had planned. Things like Explore and Adventure weren’t on my original to-do list, but they perfectly fit in with the Zoo theme. I am hoping this will inspire lots of boys (and men) layouts – I have started mine already 🙂

Hope you like these bundles – I know I do!



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  • March 22, 2015 at 10:34

    Melo, I love your Animal Kingdom kits…the colors really appeal to me. By just letting the decorative paper take the shape of the animals is so cool. Rather than take over a page, your elements will softly enhance it. Thank you! Nina

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