Double pager with FeltFever Alpha freebie

My kids love artsy afternoons; working with playdoh and paint or having fun with bubblewrap. I wanted to do a roundup page for the first few months of this year, scrapping lots of fun kids-art moments. We had so many projects to choose from that I ended up making a double page. Being busy bees… hmmm, didn’t I just do something with bees? Oh right, my Birds and Bees blogtrain kit may be suitable for this layout. Only, I need lots of frames and a big puffy alpha to go with my page.

Oh how lucky for you all!! I end up with a fun double layout, you end up with new felted goodies! But first, would you like to see how the full page turned out?


As you can see, mommy had lots of fun with the playdoh 😉 Little miss Queen told me what to make and she fabricated a few clay eyes, but that’s about as much as she did… The bubblewrap runway was a real hit with her. And the shaving cream with paint was a sensory overload play for our little man. He still talks about it!

No more delay now, onto the goodies! Both the frames and the Alpha I created for this layout are up for grabs, for personal use only.
The FeltFever Frames are ready for download in blue, green and beige. [DOWNLOAD FRAMES HERE] *sorry, link expired*
The FeltFever Alpha is available in lowercase and blue only,  I added some punctuation and a number set too! [DOWNLOAD ALPHA HERE] *sorry, link expired*

If you have any questions, something (nice) to share or just want to say hi: leave me a comment below! I love reading all your comments, that’s probably why I keep coming back to add more freebies!

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