Hi Everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been around on my blog or Facebook lately: my new job is keeping me quite busy and I just didn’t feel like getting behind a computer screen for… ehrm, well over a month now (oops!). Design-wise I have hit a low point, but luckily I still have a lot of ‘scanned stuff’ collecting dust on my computer. As I mentioned before, our little man loves to watch the light go under the scanner hood, so he practically forces me to scan random things every now and then. Therefore my ‘stash’ of scanned goods is pretty big now! When I don’t feel like creating anything ‘creative’, I dig into those folders and create some templates for future use. All of my templates are Commercial Use (CU), so they are perfect for fellow scrapbook designers. But even if you’re not a designer, these templates are easily transformed into the color you crave… Just watch this video by Marisa and you’ll be able to recolor just about anything!

These are my most recent template kits: (clicking the image will take you to where they live on Pixel Scrapper)





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