I need a drink!

Have you ever┬áhad that time when you feel like you really really need a drink NOW? Or that time of day when the kids are keeping themselves busy, the sun is shining and you and your partner just feel like cuddling up on the garden bench with a glass of wine? Well, I do regularly ­čśë Not that I am a heavy drinker, quite the opposite. But I do love to┬áhave small ‘wine and cheese’ parties with just me and my husband, while watching a good movie or one of our favorite series. One of those evenings inspired me to make some hand lettered phrases about wine. I wanted to make a mini-kit around the theme, but somehow it spinned out of control and turned into a proper bundle! I think it is versatile enough to use for any kind of party, even if you don’t like wine. Enjoy!






One thought on “I need a drink!

  • October 16, 2015 at 00:34

    These are all WONDERFUL!!!! We just had one of those wine-cheese/salami/bread – dinner/movie nights last night!!! MY personal favorite…with a side of arugula/gorganzola/walnut salad…YUM!!!

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