Color Combinations

I have a really hard time picking a color palette. That is why I always love working with a set palette, like the Blogtrain palettes or the ones we’ve had for the Pick Your Pixels Collabs. Part of the attraction of – tiny bit ashamed to say this – doing a collab with another designer, is that I usually get them to make the color palette… *blush*

Pinterest and different color swatch websites help a lot, but most of those pretty palettes consist only of five colors. For designing I like to use at least eight or ten. Sometimes I pull colors from the items I’ve already made/scanned, but that results in a lot of the same shades and I end up re-doing the palette halfway. I stare at my pins collected at my Color inspiration board and sometimes I pull of one or two to work with, but they never give me a satisfying range of colors. This time I think I have finally found a way and I feel kind of dumb I never thought of this before… I pulled all similar color inspirations into a new document in Photoshop, giving me this:


And after that I just started picking colors that seemed to match with the theme I had in mind. So in the end I created this palette:


Any idea what theme I thought up with this palette? Take a guess! The release of the bundle will be on October 15th. I am curious to see if anyone can guess it based only on the colors. Good luck!

4 thoughts on “Color Combinations

  • October 5, 2015 at 17:41

    LOL! I should do that more often just to get out of my palette rut!

  • October 9, 2015 at 21:42

    I usually have a general idea of the colors I want, but yes it’s hard sometimes to get the specific palette. When that happens I go to Google and do a search on a color name. For example I wanted to work with some earthtones and call it “Pumpkin Spice”, so I searched on Pumpkin Spice in Google Images. It gave me a lot of palettes (mostly ones from paint companies) and there was a set from Behr that I really liked but it was too many colors. So I saved the image to my computer, opened the image with Photoshop, and used the color picker to grab the shades I liked the best. Sometimes I will go back to past months blog trains and re-use those colors for a different theme (when they are colors I really like).

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