The story of how it all began…

A normal day at the office (a graphic design agency): I needed a metal scrap background – I don’t even remember why, but I needed it quick and bad – so I did a google search on “scrap”. While scrolling through the images looking for “just the right one”, I would come across little squares of joyful colors and patterns… Never having heard of scrapbooking, I had no idea what I was looking at, but they caught my eye. I love happy colors (as you may well be aware of if you know me and my designs a little) and I couldn’t help but click on one of them. Sahlin Studio’s site opened (which back then was also very colorful, girly and flowery) and I was instantly grabbed by everything I saw. Quickly copy-pasting the URL and sending it to my home e-mail, I went back to work.


That night, Sahlin Studio introduced me to the world of digi-scrapping. With awesome tutorials, freebies and links to other great sites like the Daily Digi. I was hooked… Only, I was also in the middle of buying (and building) a new home. Our computer was ancient, the room it was in was freezing in winter (and it was winter) and with two young kids, I had no time to embark into this new hobby and start making layouts. But I did have time to surf the internet on our laptop… Every night I read more on digi-scrapping, hoarding freebies along the way, and waiting for the new house to be built with a warm room to put the ancient computer in.

When it finally happened, it was six months later. And I had a HUGE stash full of freebies. Not ever having scrapped a page, made me reluctant to buy anything – I had no idea if I would actually like this newfound hobby! After many long nights behind a frustratingly slow PC, I had a whole bunch of layouts and a new hobby I totally and utterly loved. Being a freebie scrapper (I had to put that whole pile of freebies to use, right?) I felt I couldn’t share my layouts with the scrapping communities I secretly watched from the sidelines: all the online galleries belonged to stores, and stores want you to buy their stuff and post layouts made with their stuff. But I had not bought a thing (yet). However, I did long to share my layouts and my new hobby and find kindred souls to talk too…

my-layoutsAnd then I found Pixelscrapper. Marisa’s old site was one of my bookmarks, because of her great tutorials. I read about her plans to start a community site (with an open gallery!) and got really excited! I signed up, watched and read and stayed on the background for a while, and then plunged in. Introduced myself, uploaded some layouts, made friends, had tons of fun in the forum and before I knew it, I was a Forum Moderator! Reading just about every post on the forum (which is now completely impossible, but back then we were still a small group), I soon got sucked into the enthusiasm and energy of the Pixelscrapper blogtrains – although I had untill then always said to my husband I would never design, only make layouts… After designing a couple of blogtrains (only a hobby, no more than that), Marisa contacted me and asked me to design for Pixelscrapper (I can still hear my shrieks and screams, while I rushed to my husband to tell him the news). Just recently I have finally stopped calling this ‘a hobby’. This is my big love. The thing I didn’t know I was looking for and never knew I missed. Now that it is in my life, I never want to go without. This is where I can finally be proud of what I create – not feel like it is too colorful or too cute or too girly for the clean and back-to-basic graphic design business I have worked in for the last twenty years. This is my story of how it all began… the start of a new, colorful and creative chapter in my life!

6 thoughts on “The story of how it all began…

  • February 20, 2015 at 14:54

    It’s so much fun hearing how others found about Digital Scrapbooking and found their way to Pixel Scrapper! It is funny that you were so lacking in the confidence to share you work in the early days, your designs are great and have been a wonderful edition to the PS designer pool! For the record; I have never actually paid for a digi scrap kit! OK to be fair my husband did buy we a subscription to PS on an amazing Black Friday deal but I didn’t really use it as I joined the PS Creative Team! All my other kits have come from Designers who’s Creative Teams I’m on or are freebies!

    • February 20, 2015 at 15:11

      Thank you Kathie! You just made me blush with all your compliments ^_^ As for not paying for kits: I think being on a Creative Team is very hard work, so you are definitely entitled to all those free kits!

  • February 20, 2015 at 17:41

    This is a great story. Thanks for sharing. It makes it all worth it to know we helped you a little on your journey! And we’re so lucky you decided to jump in. Where would we be without you???

  • February 20, 2015 at 18:02

    I’m so GLAD you were able to move from freebie hoarder to designer. I LOVE your designs. If I can someday learn to be even half as good as you, I will be happy 🙂

  • February 21, 2015 at 21:20

    Your story sounds so similar to mine, Melo (about finding out about digiscrapping, the freebie d/l’s, etc.)… Only I don’t have that graphic design background you have or Photoshop, so I’ve been struggling. As you know I use Paint Shop Pro (version 16 Ultimate). I am designing a few things, thanks to a place I signed up for learning, but I’m still a newbie to it. And for me it is still a hobby & I’m not sure if I will ever really go into the design aspect of it, even though I am enjoying making things. I think I’m more suited to making layouts/things with other people’s designs, if that makes sense. I’m not convinced I have artistic talent, though some people have told me I have. I only feel confident in photo taking (with a regular camera, not digital) & in singing – those are MY talents… Anyhow, I am very happy for you – I’ve witnessed you (and others) growing leaps & bounds as a designer at Pixelscrapper. And I love the alphas you just made – love shabby chic!

  • May 19, 2015 at 18:04

    You are very inspiring! …OH.MY.GOODNESS! …my brain is going in too many directions right now! I love bright and watercolor and just about everything you’ve done!

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