Did you ever step into the time-consuming alternate reality called Pinterest? I get sucked into that void weekly… It happens almost once every week, preferably after my husband has gone up to bed and I just uttered the words “I’ll be up in a minute…” Two hours later, I emerge from Pinterest and run (quietly) up the stairs, feeling guilty and exhilarated at the same time. Guilty, because I said I would just be a minute – but it is never really a minute is it? – and exhilarated, because I have just spent a few stolen hours collecting the most wonderful ideas and inspiration. Ofcourse, I can never get to sleep after that. Ideas keep spinning in my head and I would much rather run back downstairs and start creating something -anything- than lie there tossing and turning in my bed next to my kinda grumpy husband (because I toss and turn too much).
Having said all that, if you haven’t tried Pinterest yet – do it! Only, try not to get sucked in right before bedtime…

And, if you already have a Pinterest account, feel free to roam around on my boards and see what is on my mind right now!


One thought on “Pinterest

  • March 2, 2015 at 01:52

    i’ve just “discovered” your blog – usualy i’ll just flickr through the pics in search of a download button – now i’ve started actually reading – and boy, Melo, this sounds exactly like my pinterest escapades (minus the husband…lol)!

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