Autumn Art

Autumn Art: I have had this title in my head for over a year. And plenty of ideas to go with it. Only, I ran out of time. Lots of fun weekend getaways, family stuff and the Veggie Patch Bundle with Marisa Lerin “interfered” with this months’ blogtrain (what a cute way to get totally distracted!). Although I did doodle some leaves and did some watercolors when me and my boy were painting, it wasn’t enough to make a minikit this time. So, I turned what I had into a quick page. And I have to say, I kind of LOVE it! Once I can find the time to make some proper papers and other fun stuff to go with this, I will surely turn this into my next project. Hope you will like this, it is actually my very first quick page.

Sorry, link expired! You can purchase this item at Pixel Scrapper.