Lack of vintage flowers…

Did you notice the lack of flowers in the Vintage blogtrain part this month? I did… As I was creating this layout I really missed having flowers on my page and I also noticed the frames were a bit on the small side (sorry!). It was too late to change anything, since I scrapped my layout the evening before the official blogtrain launch. But I did get to work straight away, resulting in this mini addon pack. Filled with accordion flowers and a bonus big frame. And a journaling card. And some sequins. And washi tape. And yes, you are right, I got a little carried away. Again. But somehow I didn’t think you would mind 😉


DOWNLOAD [HERE] or [HERE] *sorry, link expired*

Having trouble downloading? Try this short tutorial.

Have you collected all parts of this enormous Vintage blogtrain? No?! Hurry, the entire list can be found [HERE]

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